In my previous life I was a math teacher.  Upon retiring from the public schools we moved to northern Michigan to be on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.  It is a joy to walk the beaches and find Petoskey and Leland Blue stone (both local treasures found on the shores).  It didn’t take long to collect buckets of stones.  I soon realized that I wanted to do something more than just collect them in buckets.

My husband, Jerry Byville, taught woodworking for many years. These skills are the same used in lapidary work. He has been an invaluable asset in selecting and using the lapidary equipment needed to make our products.

We started out making Petoskey stone bottle stoppers and wine glasses.  These were a hit with some of the local wineries so we moved on to creating jewelry, tea light candle holders, ornaments, magnets, coat hooks, picture holders and more.  We are constantly evolving, making new items, and perfecting our craft.

We find all of our own stones.  We tumble some to start the finishing process.  We then use a variety of lapidary tools and machines to make our finished products.


Having taught woodworking for 37 years, Jerry Byville is a helpful companion, searching the shorelines for Michigan stones.  He is also an accomplished musician and loves to play tennis.


I think that there shall never be an ignoramus just like me.

Who roams the hills throughout the day to pick up rocks that do not pay.

For there’s one thing I’ve been told, I take the rocks and leave the gold.

O’er deserts wild or mountains blue I search for rocks of varied hue…..

A hundred pounds or more I pack, with blistered feet and aching back.

And after this is said and done, I cannot name a single one.

I pick up rocks where e’re I go, the reason why I do not know.

For rocks are found by fools like me, where God intended them to be.

Author Unknown